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U-U-Uma Uma....no.

Why nicovideo...why?


I will never be able to hear this song again...

So Bleach Myu bankai show 002 and the all have been subbed now! The All isn't up for download yet, but the bankai show 002 is!
Wahhh I enjoyed watching it again! Though it was a bit boring since I had already seen it, but to know what all the extra crack parts where about was nice! And in the start of it the guy who subbed it put in all the CM for them!
WAHAHAHAHAH green screen action FTW!
And Tatsuya kinda failed at being the grumpy mean looking Ichigo, but hell he's cute so I'm not complaining!
So yep my fiery love for the Bleach Myu's have been resurrected!
BUTTTTTTT talking to some other people about them, has got me confused! One person said that she read somewhere that they are thinking about redoing the SS ark with alllll of the characters! (Freaking hell if they add Ukitake I'll die!) and another person said that they read on Sado Miki (did I spell that right?) MS that they are going to do two more shows... Whaaa I wish I could read Japanese! Why must you be so hard to learn!?! Ugh I need a new drama to watch! I wish The Quiz Show 2 didn't have to be taken off J-drama's now I have nothing....booooo
OHHH But I've converted my bf into a Tuti Fan and a Takashi Fan! He said that Tuti was cute! And Takashi was sexy! WHAHAHAH I knew I could turn any guy gay if I wanted too! YOSH! Now I just gotta get him into liking them togeter!

ehhh I'm late~

Ok ok so I’m a few days late but I’ve been in a horrid battle with the cold from hell! Anyways Happy belated Easter or candy day or what ever you celebrate.
I got way sick on jelly beans but it was awesome. And somehow I found myself getting talked into going to church with senpi… Been like seven years since I went to a real church, so I felt a bit weird. So we where going to meet up outside, and I was on time for once! Ok ok like 15 minutes later then the time we set for, but I was there before it started so that doesn’t count!
So we meet up, and he gives me this tiny gift and was “ummm yeah, I got this for you because it seemed like you’d like it, but yeah it’s ok if you don’t, but it seemed like something that you would want…” HAHAHA I love when people get all awkward like that! So I open it and got this!


Why yes that is a yellow chick with pink bunny ears! Had a nice LOL moment where he just stood there like O.o? Then noticed it had an activate strip on it. If you pull it out then press the button it tweets! SWEET!
Only problem is it wouldn’t tweet! We kept hitting it and it would tweet once and stop and then we hit it again in the same place and it wouldn’t! T.T So I stuff it in my purse and we make our way inside. The service went on and on-stand up, sing, sit down, stand up sing, pray, sit down, then it was time for the pastor’s long speech and half way into it an annoying ‘tweet…tweet tweet…..tweet’ started. I was like eh? Whats that? To senpi, and he turned really red, and I notice the other people in our pew where started to look at my bag…..oh carp…. Yeah after all that time hitting the stupid chick and not getting any sound from it, it decided that it would finally go off during the worst time (well at least it didn’t go off during the lords prayer, but still!) Thankfully it went off and stayed off, without me having to pull it out and smack it around again…ugh still embarrassing though!
Thanks senpi for the gift, but next time warn me that I might get a defective toy from china that will embarrass me…
Still cute though! But it needs a name!!

is to tired or bored to think of a title

It’s almost TIME! Hai hai hai almost time for AD! WAHHH~ So excited yet nervous at the same time…
I hope I can have lots of fun, and not be a compleat loner!
It’s 2am and were leaving in about… five hours…yeah the but crack of dawn. I might grab a couple hours of sleep here, but really I got 5 to 6 hours in the car, depending on the road condition so by the time I actually get to the cities I’ll be rested!
Got to meet with some family (gotta beg for help with college funds lol)
Then a little bit of shopping, the hotel check in, gonna walk to were the place actually is so I won’t be totally lost on Friday, then sleep and then it will be TIIIIMMMMEEEEE!
Heheh my mom is so sick of me she’ll be glad I’m gonna be gone for a while. The last week has been me complaining how nervous I am, and my crappy singing and dance to bleach musical songs.
BLEACH SOUL SHOUTTTT~ (that always comes out so flat…T.T)


Honestly people....

Sometimes the crap I see on the news, makes my mind melt.
I was bleaching my kitchen and half watching something on the F network and saw something that fails....big time
Smoking smartys
yeah I’m not sure if I should feel worst that kids are doing that...or that I thought they where actually lighting them up...
Just search "smokin smartys" on Youtube and you'll see...

Other then that only a few more weeks until Animedetour! GAHHHH~ Can't wait! My first con!

Yeah, woke up around 11am today after almost pulling an all night watch some stupid medical show, my mum and dad where gone both had to go to the doctors.
So I had the whole house to myself, time for some crappy singing and dancing (gotta love bleach musical dances!) Was happily doing that when a car pulled up and someone went to our shop and started ringing the bell, even though there is a goddamn CLOSED FOR SEASON sign on the front.
After about four minutes of this, I decided to go tell the guy who can't read to nicely get the hell out. Went up to asked what he needed told him where closed until fishing opener and sent him on his way.
Then slipped and slid back to my house only to find that......I WAS LOCKED OUT! Went to back door... LOCKED. Checked the glass door LOCKED. Front windows....LOCKED. sooooo shit. Luckily being the smart or uncareful person I am I never lock my windows.
Found a boat motor screw driver (there long and flat and really useful when trying to get screens out.)
and crawled though three feet of snow in my house shoes to the back of the house. Got the screen out, opened the window and started crawly though (I’m short, in baggy jeans, covered in snow and ice, and my window is over my head.) And forgot that my full length mirror was propped against said window and knocked it over. It broke....no more like shattered everywhere. So here I am one leg in a window, my choices are falling back out into snow and cold, or attempting to jump over shatter mirror. Yeah I picked option two.
Didn't work. Luckily even though I was in socked feet (my shoes fell off while climbing) I only got a few cuts on my arm that I landed on.
So seven years of bad luck huh? Well considering I have bad luck already I really don't think it could get much worst.
And honestly what is with these new doors. Even though there locked you can still get out without realizing it. I’m pissed that I don't have a mirror anymore, it sounds like I won't be getting a new one until the weekend if I can get a ride to Duluth. *CRIES* where am I going to spend all of that time I usably spend in front of my mirror hating myself now!?!



Who would of thought a 10 second clip at 2:30 in the morning, could caues me to almost wake my family up from laughing?

NRC has uploaded Hottokenai ep 10 on youture and ohhhhhhmy.

Twister+booze+pnish=the greatest moment ever!



At 2:09 we get to see a whole new side of Tuti *wink wink* A side only seen by Takashi.

Forget shopping tomaro, I need to buy these DVD's!!

No cloths could amount to the greatness that is drunken pnish!


I see part 2 and 3 so far but no part one...probably because I'm still dying from that clip or it's 2:30am and I'm tired at hell...

Gotta chach em' all!

Ok ok, I keep ranting on my friends, but really this is just to stupid to not write about.

So after my friends came and visited me, two of them went back to the cities on Monday night. On their way down the bright idea struck them to stop in the middle of the night, in some place near the cities at an open all night shopko to get.....pokemon cards.

And because while they seem to have enough money to buy everything else they want, for some reason they decided to steal them and......got caught.

One got a $200 fine, the other lied and got put in jail where he had to pay $700 bail and now both have court dates in April.
Yeah....all that....for.....pokemon........
Come on guys.
And both are over 18 so now getting a job will be somewhat harder.

WAHHH~~~~~ Fangirl attack!!

AHHHHHHEEEEE~~~~The cute actor who played Hanataro in the bleach musicals (Murakami Kouhei), I'm finally found his blog, and the greatest thing is---
He writes most of him entry’s in English! YAWOOO~
And wow after see some of the drawings he did of the other actors in one of the backstages, I didn't think much of them, but most of the artwork he's done and posted is really good~Hmm I hope he has fun in L.A...lucky ducky..
ack I can't write intelligently at 3am....

and wow the picture on the right is really CUTE~~!!

Sometimes I think my friends are stupid~

Whaaa~ Here I thought I could finally fangirl about what's going on in the TxN fandom, but nooooo I got to rant about stupid friends..Booo~